Building Remarkable Futures

Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) is large enough to provide quality student services and facilities, yet small enough to offer individual support, small class sizes and an extra dose of attention not found in most post-secondary institutions. Our instructors are more than teachers, they are experts in their fields with relevant real-world experience.

Advanced Plant Operator Courses

You will be equipped with good understanding on the operations of various machines, how to work and use the machine effectively and safely. Institute of Applied Technology also offers the deep understanding on the various parts and their maintenance.

Defensive Driving Course in Kenya

Defensive Driving Course in Kenya is now being offered by the leading driving school in Kenya.

Defensive training helps you anticipate, spot and prevent potential hazards and act to protect yourself.

Artisan Courses

There are so many artisan courses offered in various VTCs & TVETs in our Institution. Some examples include; dress making, masonry, carpentry, mechanics, electrical installation, food processing, computer, leather work, metal work, welding and fabrication among many other fields.

Motor Vehicle Mechanics

We offers good know how and mastery on motor vehicle maintenance, repair and upgrade on the engine systems, tire repair and suspension system repair.

Our courses are purely practical based.